I am a third-year PhD student with Stanford's Department of Statistics, advised by Rob Tibshirani. I am broadly interested in statistical learning, with specific interests in developing methods which leverage structure in the data or side information to yield better prediction and inference. I am also really interested in the relationship between statistical analyses and actual decision making, as well as how statistics is communicated to the public and in the classroom.

My past work experience has been with the Singapore Government. Most recently, I was a data scientist at IDA Singapore's Data Science Division (now under GovTech), where I worked with various government agencies to analyze their data in suport of public policies and services. I also have previous experience in public policy with Singapore's Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources and Ministry of Defence.

I run a blog, Statistical Odds & Ends, where I write short posts about concepts and ideas in statistics and related fields which interest me. This is also a place for me to clarify some of my thoughts and pen down notes for future reference; hopefully it can be of use to others! :)

My wife runs a really cool blog titled Technology and Public Good, where she discusses how the tech, business and government sectors can work together to solve social challenges. Together, we have a beautiful daughter who never fails to make us laugh :)