I am a data scientist with Linkedin's Data Science and Applied Research (DSAR) team. I earned my PhD in Statistics at Stanford in 2021, advised by Rob Tibshirani. I am interested in all things statistics, but especially in developing statistical software, understanding how statistical analyses can impact decision-making more effectively, as well as how statistics is communicated to the public and in the classroom.

I have prior internship experience as a data scientist with the payments organization in Google, and as an applied scientist with and experimentation team in Amazon Search. Before that, I worked in the Singapore Government for 5 years in various roles: a data scientist at IDA Singapore's Data Science Division (now under GovTech), and public policy roles in Singapore's (then) Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources and Ministry of Defence.

I am also an avid blogger! Here are my blogs, in decreasing posting frequency:

  • Statistical Odds & Ends: Short posts about concepts and ideas in statistics and related fields which interest me. This is also a place for me to clarify some of my thoughts and pen down notes for future reference.
  • Mathematical Odds & Ends: As above, but for math that is non-stats.
  • Beyond Solutions: Solutions to math olympiad problems and brainteasers, written with the intent of illuminating the problem-solving process.